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Day Pass FAQ
(Please read before booking)

What is a Day Pass? 

A day pass is a way for non-members to access the Local Archive. It allows the purchaser to access the space during our normal business hours to do photo sessions, meetings, consultations, content shoots, or utilize as their business office time. 

Will I be the only renter in the studio? 

Maybe, but it is unlikely. Depending on the day and time, there are other photographers who will have access to the space. To help keep the space from being too crowded, you will have access to a live calendar to see who else may be in during your time. 

Can I utilize a day pass to host my minis promotion? 

Here's the deal, day passes are only for those planing on moving around throughout the space from set to set. Day passes also are limited to group sizes of 5 people (max) at time. As long as you're inside of those guidelines, then go for it! HOWEVER, if you are planning on creating a set design, moving lots of furniture, utilizing a certain spot for longer than 20-30 minutes, bringing in large lighting equipment, or hosting multiple clients at a time... you must rent the space privately

I'm interested in booking a day pass, what is my first step? 

Simply click on the link 'Get Started' button below to answer a few questions. You'll then be guided to a booking page for either a day pass or tour!  

Do I have to tour?

All new rentals are required to do an in-person or virtual tour. This ensures The Local Archive is giving a proper walk through of the available spaces and providing all the important information you need to know when to rent. 

I've rented before, do I still need to tour?

A tour is not necessary if you have rented before! However, if you feel like you would like a refresh of the space, we would be more than happy to re-tour you! 


After my tour, what should I expect? 

Great! You toured, you loved it, and now your'e ready to book! We will send out your contract and confirmation email with instructions and a PIN will be assigned to you for access entry. 

What type of sessions aren't allowed during a day pass?

All boudoir, newborn, mini sessions or large parties must be booked under a private rental. ​

We are closed on Sundays for Day Passes. Only requests for Private Rentals will be taken under consideration. 

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