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The Studio

The Local Archive can be found downtown in the heart of Fort Wayne, IN.

118 W Columbia Street

Suite 201

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Located on the Historic Landing District, we are now fully integrated in the fabric of history in our little-big city. Our new space once was the old Papermill factory. One of THE ORIGINAL buildings here in the center of Fort Wayne. We have more information (and photos) to come, but for now keep your eyes peeled this Spring for our public launch!

More than a studio space, The Local Archive is designed to help Creatives grow and thrive in their own unique ways. We offer an open concept with tools every Creative needs such as evolving sets and props to breathe life into new ideas. Although the space itself holds a richness, the most priceless piece is having YOU become a part of The Local Archive community.


Without you, we're just blank space.


About the Space

  • Where are you located?
    On The Historic Landing District in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. Close to Promenade Park, Famous ART This Way Murals, The Courthouse, PNC, The Bradley, and all of the many local businesses thriving downtown! Click Here for Directions!
  • Can the general public utilize the space without a membership?
    Yes! We have general pricing for both our Creative Pass and our Private Rental options. Click Here for Pricing List
  • What can the space be used for?
    Open mic nights, Art shows, Photoshoots, Video shoots, selfie labs, and artist meetups, bridal showers, baby showers... these are just a few things we've seen come to life inside our space. There is over 6,000sq ft of space. We like to leave the creatives free to interpretation. If you can design it, let's see it! Want to check out the space? Click here to join us for a visit!
  • Is there more than one space?
    The space has multiple different sections, including a private hair and makeup studio, Loft (with fully stocked and functioning kitchen), Locker Room, & Private restrooms.
  • Do you allow pets?
    Yes! It does have to be prearranged, and pets must be well behaved.
  • Are you accessible for all?
    We have an elevator to our private studio! No need to use stairs!
  • Where is the best place to park?
    There are three specific Public Parking zones located around the studio. There are also a plethora of on street parking spaces which are free on evenings and weekends.
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